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NCA Training Courses- In-Person & Online

NCA is always introducing new training courses to meet the changing times and needs of its members and the industry.

Online Spotting 101

Tailored made to provide the fundamentals of stain removal in an online setting. From fabrics, dyes and construction to classification and identification of stains, safe spotting techniques, operations of the spotting board, mechanical action spotting tools, the 4 methods of stains removal (dryside, grease, oil, wax plastic) wetside (sweet stains, tannin stains, protein/albuminous stains), combination and unknown stains. With swatches supplied for practical skill development. Swatches submitted for one-on-one instruction purposes and proficiency demonstration. Certificate of Competence issued when course’s core competencies are successfully demonstrated and submitted.

Online Advanced Spotting and Bleaching 102

Advanced Spotting and Bleaching covers all the essential elements of bleaching agents and how to use them safely and effectively. Both oxidizing and reducing bleaches covered. Starting with hydrogen peroxide and working it to titanium sulfate. Qualifying candidates must complete Spotting 101 or demonstrate equivalent knowledge and expertise. Swatches provided for training and core skill demonstration.

CSR Training, Role Playing and Certification

NCA offers the industry’s first Client Service Representative training and professional certification course. Comprehensive course material covers culture, body language, communication skills. how to create an experience, how to handle challenging clients, technical training re: fabrics, fashions stains, etc., development of a CSR manual and much more.

Technical Training DVDs and Online Links

With NCA’s 7-hour training DVD, Tech Training Workbook and Fabrics and Fibers Manual (complete with swatches) your CSRs will perform with confidence and consistency . Our HazCom Training DVD meets your annual OSHA requirements.

Sexual Harassment Training

Designed to meet the mandated training requirements in California, New York, Illinois, and other states. Contact Ann or Dawn to sign up you can call us at 212.967.3002.

This training must be completed Annually- if you have not completed it let us know and we can get you set up.

In House Training

Bring any one-day class to your plant. NCA will conduct one day basic classes in wet cleaning, Tech Training for CSRs, Alternative Solvent Dry Cleaning Techniques, OSHA , Handling Bed Bugs, Fire Restoration and Water Damage and more.

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