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Supercharge Your CSR's Performance- Technical Traning

  • 28 Jan 2024
  • 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Bronx, NY


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Updated Date: jANUARY 28, 2024

Supercharge Your CSRs' Performance

The key strategy to having a high-performing, money-making customer service team is confidence and enthusiasm, and technical knowledge of your services is the foundation of making that happen.

NCA's Supercharge Your CSRs will equip employees to optimize your customers' experience, confidence, and loyalty; with the right knowledge, CSRs can instill an appreciation of your expertise, add value through up-selling opportunities, confidently provide reliable results with reasonable expectations, and with effective inspections protect you from unfounded claims. All these benefits come together as we help you cultivate an aura of professionalism among all involved in the customer journey!

With this course, learners will gain the knowledge to professionally handle any garment-related issue. They'll learn how to diagnose problems effectively and make appropriate recommendations for repairs or replacements. Additionally, they'll understand when it's necessary to explain a potential issue including risks /rewards, and have the confidence needed in order to explain up charges as well as restoration services clearly so consumers can get their wardrobe back on track quickly!

Here's a sample of what they'll learn:

  • Popular fashion trends that will require special processing attention.
  • How to identify problem garments.
  • How to identify consumer-related damage.
  • How to comfortably communicate with the consumer what those problems mean to them.
  • How to handle processing risk/reward conversations.
  • How to handle confrontational clients.
  • How to explain up charges for processing specialty garments.
  • How to explain restoration services to correct damaged garments.

Boasting an impressive four decades of expertise and countless success stories, Alan Spielvogel has made a name for himself as the go-to man when it comes to training CSRs. His exceptional patience and ability to recognize untapped potential have allowed him to develop top-notch staff that can directly impact business growth - an invaluable asset in any workplace.

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